Hanoi Giang Vo - Hyatt Regency Complex

  • Postion : Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Service : Highend Architect: Architectural Design; HDEngineering: Structural design
  • Investor : Thang Long Pacific Ltd,
  • Scale : 100.000 m2, 16-18 stories, 02 basements
  • Year : 2009

The Da lat Anh Sang complex is a mixed-use building, located in the heart of the romantic city of Da lat, in the south of Vietnam.

The project, with its two levels of shopping center, one 4-star hotel and five residential blocks, is perfectly integrated with the city, and creates a bright, lively and welcoming atmosphere, which boosts the quality of urban life for Da lat. The concept is to immerge nature with city, where taking a walk in a quiet park is easily combined with having attractive and lively boutiques nearby. The construction is placed on a hill overlooking the ‘Xuan Huong Lake’, and is surrounded by pine trees in a beautiful environment.

The 4-star hotel, with its gentle and warm façade, overlooks the lake, and offers 186 luxury rooms, a high-end restaurant, ballroom, spa, fitness and a swimming pool on the veranda. The residential area provides apartments of high standard and combines a perfect location with natural light and great views.

The project is anticipated to be completed by 2012.