Commercial center, housing services and Golden Land

  • Postion : Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
  • Service : Archipel-Asia: Architectural Design; HDEngineering: Structural design - Design M & E - Preparation of estimates
  • Investor : Corporation Hung Vietnamese Trade
  • Scale : 150,000 m2, 31-40 floors, 03 basement
  • Year : 2011
Golden Land Building is a combination of commercial and luxury residential critical orientation to the west of Hanoi. Wider project 23,000 m2, comprising 3 towers (20-33-40 floors) and the 3-storey commercial center more than 21,000 m2 wide.
The work on trunk roads connecting the center of Hanoi with Ha Dong District, the belt 3, Khuat Duy Tien and overhead railway in Vietnam first connector and Cat Linh Nguyen Trai. In the near future, along with the project other apartments where space will become a modern, dynamic of Hanoi. .

Join the structural design Golden Land Building is an important step mature HDE.

The main structural system of the project is monolithic reinforced concrete structures. At the foundation, bored piles using D1000-D1200mm diameter; 800mm thick diaphragm wall, 27 meters deep. The layout of the core body vertical walls ensure horizontal load and anti-earthquake level 7.

Top Down HDE application - construction of advanced technology in the world when construction is 03 basements 14m deep pit, safe, does not affect the adjacent buildings, as scheduled.

In the calculation and structural analysis, HDE has applied the standard seismic design in Vietnam and refer the design standards of Europe and America, thereby raising the load capacity for pile diameter 1200 is 900 tons. So minimizing the number of spindles on the entire area of ​​strength, saving 60 billion to investors compared to the design of the consulting unit earlier.

Solution to the superstructure, HDE choose the monolithic reinforced concrete, flat beam system size 80x60, exceeding 9.9 m aperture instead of prestressed beam, maximum satisfaction expanding downtown space commercial and multi-functional services, allowing ease CDT contractor selection, cost and speed up construction projects.

To the front open space and release maximum visibility for the apartments, the architects have arranged many Consol up to 3.5 m away in the corner load-bearing columns of the building (free Coner). So from a technical floor, HDE used to transfer 2m beam system, change system last column, some columns omitted corners, minimizing column size so as not to lose the apartment area. Also make sure the sun combined bearing Plate glass and decorative exterior Façade creates a very modern and impressive.

The project is expected to be completed in 2013. Golden Land Building space promises to be prosperous, sustainable, and is the brightest point of the architecture of Hanoi.
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