Da Lat Anh Sang Commercial Center - The breaking point of Da Lat City

Da Lat Anh Sang Commercial Center - The breaking point of Da Lat City


Da Lat Anh Sang Commercial Center is a huge complex of hotel, commerce and apartment in the center of Da Lat city. With the area of more than 16000m2 in 300m length, on the hill looking out to Xuan Huong Lake, the project consists of 4 five-star hotels and 5 apartment blocks.

Built on a complicated topography, Da Lat Anh Sang Complex is a big challenge to HDE to design its structure.

The five apartment blocks use steel concrete structure with concrete frames combining with rigid wattle in the middle. The hotel use concrete associating with steel structure.

For underground, at some places with 16m depth, HDE chooses to use 1m –thick diaphragm wall in order to stand very high pressure and ensure the stablity and security during execution. For the core of elevator, HDE suggests the combination of semi-top down method and open excavation method which helps solve the matter of semi-topdown execution on slope and different levels with much variation.

For the foundation, HDE gives out an optimized structural plan to make use of piles’ load bearing ability with 800mm and 1000mmidiameter bored piles, which reduces almost 300 piles for the whole project compared to the solution of the previous design consultant and saves up to billions of dongs to the Employer. 

For the superstructure of apartment blocks, HDE changes column grid and arranges 2m-high transfer beam system, satisfying architecture ideas and favouring the convenient allocation of apartments.  

HDE has created a unique point for the hotel block by using steel structure principle system, bringing back a huge space for the conference room and outdoor bar for swimming pool area. The combination of transfer beam system and 2m high transfer slab system is the basic of arranging column grid at every storey. Consequently, elevator system, plans and elevations are more flexible, showing the modern style needed for a hotel.