789 -The new symbol of soldiers

789 -The new symbol of soldiers


The building's design expresses the excellent idea about a perfect succession of natural numbers. With this office, 789/MND Company has made out one of the biggest elements in their string of value.

789 Building lies at the turning point of Hoang Quoc Viet and Hoang Sam streets, the Western gateway of Hanoi with the total area of 60.000 m2 divided into two 20-30 storey blocks and 3 basements.

Archipel has arranged the block's standing view attractively and harmonily. The building's shape creates a feeling of moving each time the view and observing point are changed. The square block behind is the fulcrum as well as in correlation with the curly front block. The curves embellish and soften the hard lines; whereas, the discipline sets the base for the liberty and differences.


The biggest difficulty of 789 Building is the concrete structure of twisted tower and large beams. HDE's engineers have applied various diagrams, analysis solutions and structural calculations to honour the architectural creation.


The foundation has 14m depth and uses 1400mm-diameter concrete pillars and 800mm-thick diaphragm system. HDE has combined the top-down execution technology, the most modern and optimized solution in the condition of intersperse building in order to increase the area of basements and not to affect surrounding constructions.

789 Building has a strict and coherent functional area. All standing transportation (8 elevators and 2 exit staircases) and technical zone are included in the core of concrete structure. In the 30-storey tower, the center core is considered the building's spin, bearing lateral load. This structure can stand a 7-degree earthquake.

The elipse-shaped hall with 7-meter steel consoles covered with composite creates modern and artistic looks to this luxurious commercial center.

The top-most storey of 789 Building is the helicopter landing place. Uptil now there aren't many projects in Hanoi that have an airport on their roofs.

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